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An introduction to Worthy Food

Feeding people has always been my thing. Whether the family staples, food for celebrations or food to comfort, I love to feed!

Nourishing others nourishes me.

It gets my creative juices going too. Ask me to paint a picture I don’t know where to begin! Give me ingredients to combine, season and create a meal – that’s my bag!

Worthy Food has been born from developing very tasty cheesy recipes using the most delicious cheese I have ever tasted – Worthy Cheddar. Made in Somerset, my native county, by award winning and top notch cheese makers, Barbers, it is exceptionally good.

My Homity Pies, Cheese Scones, Macaroni Cheese, Quiches and tarts have been very well received at Bath Farmers Market and Devizes weekly market for over two years.

I sell wax wrapped truckles of Worthy Cheddar too – simply have to share the love!

Worthy Food Products

Worthy Cheddar
Wax wrapped creamy mature west country cheese made by the Barber family in the heart of Somerset.

Cheese Scones
Made with Worthy Cheddar—there is also a caramelised onion version.

Homity Pies
Potato, onions, garlic Worthy Cheddar and cream in a short crust pastry.

Variety of flavours—seasonal ingredients in addition to Worthy Cheddar.

Worthy Cheddar, red onion, potato, sweet potato, leek, sage, thyme and fennel.

Tomato and caramelised onion

Worthy Food is available for home delivery and also at The Frome Independent Market (Ist Sunday of each month March - December)

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